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Shampoo Cap

Material Strength

A shampoo cap made of EVA sponge foam or vinyl is easily torn and has a short life time. Especially it is not hygienic because chemicals may come out when washing with soap water.

Meanwhile, Manito shampoo hat is made of water-proof and water-repellent coated fabrics, so it is very strong, not easily torn and far more hygienic.


The conventional products have mainly frames without elasticity like EVA, so it should be cut with scissors to be fitted to a baby's head. However, it is not easy to cut to properly fit and water is easily leaked even if cut well.

Thus, the Manito Shampoo Cap is composed of water-proof coated band, which has very good elasticity. It can be used conveniently, regardless of the baby's head size.
It is also applicable to adults and as well as students of elementary school.
Manito Shampoo Cap is practically used by adults who has difficulty in washing the hair alone.

No water leakage



Put the outside frame to face downward like the shape of a pyramid.

Most other products cut with scissors has a high potential of water leakage.

The Manito Shampoo Cap does not. Simply place the joint part of the elastic band on the back of the head, and put the hat on by lowering the outside frame like the shape of a pyramid. Then you may shampoo comfortably, as there is no water leakage at all.


Being different from other products, the outside frame of the Manito Shampoo Cap is made with stainless core in order not to be swayed when showering, so that it can keep shape in spite of pouring water on it.

The fabric is finished in water repellency, so it is very convenient as it can be used again after shaking the water off.


Manito's Shampoo Cap has passed the safety test of FITI Testing and Research Institute, which is an authorized testing institute certified by the Korean government and is a safe product which does not contain any hazardous substances.

KPS certificate based on Article 19 of the Quality Management and Industrial Product Safety Control Act.
Statement certifying self-control of safety: No. B042H133-7001A

Superior Quality