Elegance Alpha Stroller Weather Shield (Purple)

EGCVA-49000-PUR $48.99
Elegance Alpha POINT

Finest fabric and materials


Foot-cover prevents the cold air to pass through the bottom front of the stroller. Foot-cover is constructed so that it completely wraps around the baby's feet and elastic S-Hooks seal the gaps to provide warming environment.

Detachable foot wrapper for easy cleaning

Detachable Foot-Cover


Detachable foot-cover can easily be removed from the main body of the cover for convenience when cleaning.

Open the zipper to completely separate the foot-cover from the weather shield to wash and clean. (It's highly recommended to use a wet towel to clean) Since it's coated fabric, it's recommended to hand wash with lukewarm water and small amounts of detergent and air dry in a shaded area. Do not use bleach or any other chemical agents as decolaration may occur.

Perfect protection of baby's eyesight

Vision Protective Windows

Unlike vinyl based stroller covers which cause refraction / distortion due to it's wrinkly characteristics, Manito is the first and the only one in the industry to adopt clear flat refraction free eye-protective windows so that your baby can see through with clear vision while inside the stroller. Vision development is very important during the early stages of development.

Vinyl based cover

Optial distortion or refraction may cause dizziness and stress in the eyes.

Manito cover

Refractin free flat surface clear windows aid your baby's vision

Sun Screen Curtain

When the weather is cold and sun is out or when baby is asleep easy pull-up and pull-down Sun Screen Curtain provides extra sun protection and comfort for the baby inside the stroller.

Large easy in-and-out entry

Front window with two-way zipper provides easy in-and-out of yiour baby without the hassle of removing the cover. Also, easy to attend the baby anytime anywhere.

Fasten 3 pairs of S-Hooks

Windblow Prevention

Cover is equipped with elastic S-Hooks to secure the cover onto the stroller. It prevents the cover being blown off the strong wind.

Rear Pockets

Convenience Pocket

Two adjacent convenience pockets in the rear is suitable for carrying baby essentials.

Storage Pouch

Conveniently fold the cover and use the included portable pouch for easy storage and carry when not in use.

Designed for Ease

Convenient Handling

Elegance Alpha Stroller Weather Shield can be used in front-facing and rear-facing seating positions. It can even be used when the seat's backrest is fully reclined.

Fully adjustable to fit on to most standard upright strollers from major brands with a canopy measuring between 15 - 19 inch. Also, can be used on reversible (rear or forward facing) strollers. Refer to "How to Select" illustration for your stroller's compatibility.

Covering the Stroller

Spread open the cover completely and partially open the zipper where the foot-cover is attached.

Find the handle-insert opening and insert the stroller's handle through the opening.

Fit and organize the back of the cover by pulling it towards the bottom.

Pull out the convenience pocket hidden inside the top of the weather shield to cover the handle-insert opening.

Fit and organize the front of the cover by pulling it towards the bottom of the front side.

Close the zipper of the foot-cover.

Remove the Protective Films

Make sure to peel off the blue protective films on the windows before using the product. By doing so it will provide clear vision through the windows and protect baby's eye-vision when inside the stroller. There are two films on each window. (One in front and one in the back, total of six films must be removed before using).

Safety Warning!
Do not use this product other than stroller weather shield / rain cover purposes. It is intended to be used to protect against cold, wind, rain and snow. This product is NOT intended to be used in the hot summer days except in the rain.

To avoid danger of suffocation and excessive temperature, never leave the child unattended with the cover fitted on the stroller.

Note: Make sure to remove the protective films from every windows (inside and outside) before using the product to acquire clear vision and effective UV screening from the sunlight.