Essence Stroller Cover

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99% UV Screening Windows

Clear flat surface optical windows on the three sides screen 99% of UV rays (200~380nm) and provide clear vision without any optical awareness development on infants. Optical distortions can be found on vinyl covers which may cause dizziness and tiredness in the infants eye's.

Sun Screen Curtain

Sun shield curtain provides extra protection against direct sunlight as well as UV protection windows. It can provide a more comfortable environment for baby while sleeping in the stroller. Easy pull-down and pull-up design is convenient to use whenever extra sun screening is needed.

Large Entry Way

Large entry way with two way zipper provides easy in-and-out for the baby.

Attached Velcro can be used to hold the door open.

Velcro Tape Fitting Design

It's easy to install onto any type of stroller. Simply wrap around the stroller's handle or body frame of the stroller and secure with Velcro.

Bottom Velcro

Bottom Velcro prevents the cover being blown by strong winds.

Storage Pouch

Conveniently fold the cover and use the included portable pouch for easy storage and carry when not in use.

Remove Protective Films

Remove the blue protective films on the windows to acquire clear vision on the windows before usage.
Note: Total of six protective films must be removed.(One in front and one in back of each window)


As the regular stroller weather shield made of vinyl sheet cause oddity of reflection which the shape of object is seen to be extremely distorted, the eyesight decline of a baby can occur.

As the "eye protective window" of "MANITO STROLLER WEATHER SHIELD" is made of optical film with superior light transmittance reflection index and flat property, it can remarkably prevent the eyesight decline of a baby by making the baby see an object without any distortion.

Superior Quality