Sun Shade for Twin Stroller (Red)

TSSS-35000-RED $33.99

99% UV Screening Sun Shade

UPF 50+ Certified and effectively blocks 99% of UV rays.

Reinforced Side Mesh

The reinforced side mesh allows for air flow and extra sun protection.

Premium Spandex

The premium spandex is soft and stretchy.

Various Shade Angles

Easily pull the sun shade front and back.

Fasten the rear S-Hooks.

Secure with hooks and buckles to secure the sun shade.


Place the sunshade on top of the car seat

A) Pass the strap through the horizontal axis end of the car seats.
B) Adjust the length of the strings.

Buckle up.


Effectively blocks UV Rays (UPF 50+ Certified) / Metal frame provides stabilization of sun shade against wind / Freely adjustable in any angles to block sun light.


Superior Quality